What is mobilotse.at?

mobilotse.at provides an overview of apps and websites for mobility services in Austria. The web platform describes applications already available as well as new applications currently under development.


What are mobility services?

Mobility services are all types of transport that enable you to go from point A to B including walking, biking, taking a bus or driving. The mobilotse.at platform describes smart phone apps and internet sites designed to provide information on mobility services including:

- Real Time Transport Information – providing you with traffic conditions, actual arrival-departure times for   public transport, parking information, fuel prices and availability, etc.

- Journey Planning – helping you find the best way from A to B by telling you how much it will cost, how long it   will take and how to transfer – for all travel possibilities (walking, biking, taking public transport or driving) 

- Navigation Applications – guiding you to your destination

- Ticketing Applications – providing information and allowing you to buy tickets online

- Taxi Applications – helping you find a taxi and pay for your trip

- Bike, Scooter or Car Sharing Applications – helping you find, reserve and pay for shared mobility systems

- Parking Applications – helping you find, reserve and pay for parking

- Carpooling Applications – helping you find people to share a ride with

- And, since creative new apps are being developed everyday, Mobilotse.at will be updated frequently with the   latest apps.


Want to know more? View our mobilotse.at short films.